Satellite Distribution System (SADIS)

SADIS is an operational system dedicated to primarily to aeronautical meteorological information in line with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) worldwide provision. It provides a point to multipoint service on a 24-hrs. basis via satellite. The SADIS uplink is situated at the Mercury Communications at Whitehill Earthstation in UK. The meteorological data and products are provided from WAFC London and are uplinked from the hub at Whitehill to the INTELSAT satellite 604 located at the Indian Ocean at 60 E. The data is downlinked via a global beam to user anywhere in the AFI & MID regions and in the Asia and EVR regions as far eastwards as 140 E. The receiving system consists of a 2.4 m diameter-receiving antenna at the receiving unit mounted indoors. A processing displayed system connected to the receiver for generating/viewing/printing the SADIS products. The products received by SADIS are

  1. Upper air wind /temperature, tropopause and maximum wind forecast in GRIB code.
  2. Coded digital facsimile charts for upper wind/temperature at selected flight level and SIGWX forecasts.
  3. OPMET (operational meteorological) information like METER, TAFS, SIGMET, AIREPs, Volcanic ash and tropical cyclone advisory messages.