Historical records of Severe Cyclones which formed in the
Bay of Bengal and made landfall at the eastern coast of India
during the period from 1970-1999

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Sl. No. Date Landfall/Devastation
1. September 7-14, 1971 Crossed South Orissa coast and adjoining North Andhra coast on September 10 and moved up to eastern Delhi.. 90 People died and 8000 Cattle heads perished. This system caused considerable damage to crops, houses, telecommunications and other property in the coastal districts of Orissa.viz.,Ganjam, Puri and Cuttack.
2. September 20-25. 1971 Crossed South Orissa coast near Gopalpur on September 22.Caused considerable damage to crops and houses due to flood and heavy rain at Vamsadhura village in Srikakulum and koraput districts.
3. September 27 -October 1,1971 Crossed West Bengal coast near Sundaaarban . Continued its movement towards NW, weakened into a low over Bihar State on October 1.60 People died and thousands of houses were collapsed in West Bengal.
4. October 26-30,1971 Crossed Orissa coast nearParadip early in the morning of October 30.Maximum wind speed recorded was 150-170KMPH (81-92 kt).Lowest Pressure recorded 966.00 hPa.near the centre of the storm. 10,000 People died and more than one mullion people rendered homeless.50,000 Cattle heads perished, 8,00,000 Houses damaged.
5. September 7-14. 1972 Crossed the extreme North Andhra Coastnear Baruva on the afternoon of 10th. Maximum windspeed recorded at Puri was 175 KMPH (94 kt)The maximum wind speed estimated from the satellite picture was 204 KMPH (110 kt).100 people died and 8000 cattle heads lost . Near about 2 lakhs people were affected due to this system.Heavy damage to crops and other property was reported from Ganjam , Puri &Cuttack districts, the worst affected being Ganjam distrtict.
6. September 20-25, 1972 Crossed extreme South Orissa coast near Gopalpur on the afternoon of 22nd and weakened into a depression by themorning of the 23 rd.Max. wind recorded in gust was 136 KMPH (73 kt) at Gopalpurat about 0740 UTC on 22nd.Caused. Caused damage to crops &houses.No loss of life was reported.
7. November 15-23, 1972 Crossed extreme south Andhra coast near Sri harikota Island during the early part of the night on 22nd .The maximum wind was reported 111 KMPH (60 kt) gusting to 167 KMPH (90 kt) recorded by the ship ATAF. Lowest pressure recorded near the storm centre was 983.0 hPa.80 People killed.Many trees were uprooted and several thousands of people rendered homeless in their districts.
8. December 1-8,1972 Crossed Tamilnadu coast close to and north of Cudalore at 2330 UTC on 5th December and was within 50 km WNW of Cuddalore at 0300 UTCon December 6. Maximum wind speed recorded at Cuddalore was 111 KMPH to 148 KMPH (60-80) between 2230 UTC of 5th & 0230 UTC of 6th.80 People killed and 30,000 people rendered homeless in Madras due to flood.Total loss Rs. 40 crores.
9. November 3-9, 1973 Crossed Orissa coast close to and north of Paradip on the early morning of 9th. It weakened rapidly and lay asa trough over Orissathe same day. Maximum wind reported 100 KMPH (54 kt) at Paradip and chanbali experienced ssurface 2wind of 100 KMPH (54 kt).This cycflone caused some damage to standing crops in the coastal districts of Orissa between Paradip and chandbali.
10. August 13-20, 1974 Crossed West Bengal coast near Contai at about 0700 UTC on 15th afternoon and remained cyclonic storm over land until August 17.Maximum wind speed was 139 KMPH (75 kt).The storm caused floods inparts of districts of Midnapur, Hooghly, Howrah and 24 -districts of West Bengal.
11. September 6-19, 1976 Crossed coast near Contai around noon of September 11 and reached Southeast Madhya Pradesh as a cyclonic by 13th morning. Maximum wind 160 KMPH (86kt) was in gust reported . 40 people died and 4,000 Cattle heads perished.Crops damaged were of the order of 1.25 Lakh.
12. November 3-6, 1976 Crossed AndhraCoast just north of Masulipatnam on the night of 4th. It maintained its intensity over land upto 5th morning when it was centred about 50 km southeast of hydrabad.Then it gradually weakened into a depression and emerged into the Arabian sea off North maharastra coast by 6th afternoon . 25 people killed.and 25,000 huts damaged. 13 fishermen were missing.
13. November 15-17, 1976 Crossed South Andhra Pradesh coast between Nellore and kavali on 16th midnight,weakened thereafter it lay as a deep depression over South Andhra Pradesh coast and adjoing Ralalaseema on 17th morning. Maximum wind speed was estimated to be between 222-259 KMPH (120-140 kt) 30 People died and 10,000 houses damaged ,24 country boasts damgedTotal loss of property was estimated to be Rs. 3.9 crores.KavaLI AND Kavur taluks of Nellore districts of A.P. were most affected by this cyclone.
14. October 27-November 1, 1977 Crossed South Andhra Pradesh coast near Kavali between Nellore and Ongole around noon of 31st . Weakened into a depression over the interior parts of Karnataka by morning of November 1 and emerged into the Arabian sea as a low..It caused huge damage to property and Telegraph posts over 80 km stretch from Kavur to singaraykonda about 40 km on either side of the storm track stood slanting.
15. November 8-12, 1977 Crossed Tamilnadu coast within 10 km to south of Nagapattinam early in the morning of 12th around 2230 UTC of 11th. Weakened into a cyclonic storm by that evening over interior parts of Tamilnadu and emerged into Laccadives off North Kerala coast on the morning of 13th as a deep depression.Maximum wind recorded about 120 KMPH ( 65 kt) on 12th mroning at Thanjavur , Tiruchirapalli and Podukottai.560 people died and 10 lakh people rendered homeless. 23,000 Cattle heads perished. Total damage to private and public property estemated to be Rs. 155 crores.
16. November 14-19.1977 Crossed near Chirala in A.P at 1200 UTC on 19th Nov and weakened into a low on the evening of 20th. It dissipated over Southeast M.P and adjoining Orissa by 21st evening.Maximum wind speed recorded by the ship Jagatswami recorded at 1030 Utc on 17th was 193 KMPH( 104kt)Loss of human lives reported as 10,000.27,000 Cattle head perished. Damage to the crops and other property was estimated to be around 350 crores
17. November 19-24 . 1978 Crossed between Kilakkarai and Rochemary and Ramanatharam District of Tamil Nadu.on 24th.evening as a severe storm and emerged into the Arabian Sea off Kerala coast as a deep depression on 25th morning.Batticola of Sri Lanka reported maximum wind speed northerly 145 KMPH (78 kt).In India 5,000 huts damaged and totasl damage estimated to be around Rs. 5 crores. In SriLanka ,915 people died and one million people affected One lakh Houses were damaged in SriLanka.
18. May 10-13 1979 Crossed near Ongole in A.P. early morning morning of 13 th May 1979.Nellore reported maximum wind speed of 100-160 KMPH (51-86 kt) The storm surge was 12’ above mean sea level at Pedddaganjam .Some coastal villages of Kavour. 700 People killedand 3 Lakh cattle heads perished . Near about 40 Lakh people affected.House damaged 7 Lakh.
19. September,24-28. 1981 Crossed Orissa coast near Puri on the early morning of September 26 and weakened into a depression on that evening over interior Orissa and adjoining East Madhya Preadesh. 5 Launches were lost in the Bay and many housed were damaged in Midnapur districts of West Bengal and Cuttack distrists of Orissa.
20. December 4-11. 1981 Crossed West Bengal Coast near Sagar Island around 1300 UTC on December 10 and weakened into a depression on 11th morning over Bangladesh and into a low the same evening over Assam and Meghalaya.200 people died in 24 Parganas district of West Bengal One Million people affect in the districts of 24 Parganas.
21. May 31 to June 5th 1982 Crossed on 3rd June near Paradip , Orissa As a result of high tides damage caused all along this Coastal stretch.This cyclone caused heavy damage in the coastal districts of Puri , Cuttack and balasore.
22. October 11-17 , 1982 Crossed A.P. coast and adjoing Telengana as a low on 17th morning.Heavy rainfal cuased damage to roads.
23. 16-21 Oct. 1982 Crossed between Sriharikota and dugaraja patinam(A.P). 60 people died and 300-400 huts damaged.
24. October 9-14.1984 CrossedNorth Orissa coast near Chandbali in theforenoon of 14th This system caused some damage in Cuttack and Balasore districts of Orissa and Midnapore districts of West Bengal.
25. November 9-14, 1984 Crossed between Sriharikota and Durgarajupatnam between 0800 and 0900 IST.Sea water oof2 feet height entered the village Durgarajupatnam on14th and the village Durgarajupatnam on14th and reached 3 km inland from the coas 54 lives in Tamil Nadu,livestocks perished were 90650 and number of buildings destroyed completely were 3,20,000 in A.P
26. November 27-30 , 1984 Crossed south Tamilnadu coast near Nagapattinam in the afternoon of December 1 near Karaikal.About 35,000 people were affected in East Thanjavur and South Aroot districts of Tamilnadu.50,000 acres of lnad was submerged in Thanjvur districts.
27. 17-21 Sept. 1985 Crossed on 20 th Sept. close to Puri Orissa Krishna Prasad, Chilka,Tangi submerged for Three days due to inundation of sea water 1.5 metre sea wave off puri coast was
28. 13-17 Oct. 1985 Crossed near Balasore on16th Oct. High tidal Crossed near Balasore on16th Oct. High tidal wave of about 16’ to 18’ was observed
29. 31 Oct. -3 Nov.1987 Crossed north of Nellore(A.P.) 50 People died in A.A.P. 50 people died and 25,800 livestocksclaimed in A.P. 68,000 Housed damaged It affected 6.8 Lakhs population.
30. November 23-30 1988 crossed 20 Km west of Indo-Bangladesh b border in West Bengal. At 0000 UTC of 30th it lay centred near Dhaka.2000 People killed. 6000 people reported missing in Bangla d esh
31. 23-27 May 1989 crossed 40 Km northest of Balasaore 61 persons died in Orissa and West Bengal 1000 Cattle heads perished in West Bengal
32. 01-09 Nov. 1989 Crossed near Kavali (A.P.). 69 people died and 7100 cattle heads perished. Loss of property estimated to be Rs. 14 Crores.
33. 04-09 May 1990 Crossed 40 Km SW of Machilipatnam 967 people died. 3.6 million livestock perished. 14.3 lakh houses damaged
34. 24-30 April 1991 crossed Chittogong ( Bangladesh) across Sandweep Island.13200 people died Sandweep Island.13200 people died Collossal loss of property . One among The most devastating cyclones affected The most devastating cyclones affected In Bangladesh
35. 11-15 Nov. 1991 Crossed Tamil Nadu Coast north of Karaikal 185 people died and 540 cattle perished 16 people died in A. P.
36. 11-17Nov. 1992 crossed near Tuticorin ( Tamil Nadu).175 people died and 160 reported missing Damage to standing crops due to flood Reported.
37. 01- 04 Dece. 1993 Crossed on 4th Nov. 30 Km north of Karaikal.100 People died in Tamil Nadu.
38. 29 Aapril - 02 may 1994 Crossed near Technaf in Bangladesh Ar around midnight of May 2. Loss of life was limited to 188 due to timely and adequate cyclone warning issued by Bangladesh Met. Office
39. 07-10 Nov. 1995 Crossed North A.P. Coast south of Ichchapuram around 05 UTC of 1o Nov. 93 Persons and 81 boats were affected. 2631 housed damaged. 153 fishermen were were reported to be missing.
40. 05-07 Nov 1996 Crossed A.P. Coast 50 Km south of K Kakinada around 1600 UTC of 6th Nov. 978 Persons died. 1375 Persons reported to be missing.1380 Villages affected in A.P. 6464 boats lost in sea.
41. 28 Nov.-06 Dec1996 crossed near Chennai around 2100 UTC of 6th Dec.1996.The cyclone persisted for 9 days which is reported to be very long life compared to any cyclone in the Indian Ocean. It caused severe damage to life and property.