Historical Records of Severe Cyclonic storms which formed over
Arabian sea and made landfall at the Western coast of India
during the period from 1970-1999

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Sl. No. Date Landfall/Devastation
October 19-24,1975 Crossed Saurashtra coast about 15 km to the northwest of Porbandar at 0930 UTC of October 22.the storm maintained its severe intensity inland upto Jamnagar Rajkot area.Maximum wind speeds were 160-180(86-97 kts) 85 people died.Thew cyclone caused considerable damage to property (estimated to be about Rs. 75 crores.)
2. May 31-June 5, 1976 The storm crossed Saurashtra coast on the morning of June 3.Maximum wind speed of 167KMPH9 90 kt) was reported by the Ship HAAKON MAGNUS.People killed 70:51 villages were affected badly:25,000 Houses were damaged : 4500 Cattle heads perished.The total damaged was estimated to be Rs. 3 crores.
3. November 15-23, 1977 Crossed near Honavar.Karnataka and Kerala coast affected. Tidal waves were reported to have damaged 620 Fishing vessels.
4. October 28 to November 2 , 1981 Crossed Saurastra coast close to and west of Mangrol shortly after mid-night of November 1 and moved closed to Porbandar in the early morning of November 2nd . then moving northeastwards as a severe cyclone upto jamnagar, it weskened into a depression and lay near Radhanpur at 1200 UTC. About 5700 housed and about an equal number of huts were partially or fully damaged in Junagzarh, Jamnagar districts.
5. November 4 to 9,1982 Crossed south Gujarat coasts 5 km west of Kodinagar( Veraval) 511 persons lost their lives. 12624 Pucca and 54549 Kutchha houses completely destroyed. Damage to crop to the tune of Rs. 127.23 crores.
6. October 1-3 , 1992 Crossed Oman coast on 3rd October morning and weakened rapidly into a low pressure area over Saudi Arabia by the morning of October 5th . the system did not cause any rainfall or damage to India.
7. November 12 -15 , 1993 Dissipated off Gujarat -Sind coast on 16th early morning. No loss of life or damage to property on the Indian territory as the system weakened over the sea itself.
8. November 15-20 . 1994 Crossed north somalia coast on the early morning of November 20. As the system hit the sparsely populated region north of Somalia, the death toll reportedd to be 30 only.
9. June 17-20. 1996 Crossed near Diu between 2200 and 2300 UTC of 18th June. 33 people died and near about 2082 Cattle and 2472 people were affected in Maharastra, 14 persons died and 1611 houses damaged
10. June 5-9 1998 The cyclone crossed Gujarat coast north of Porbandar at 0200 UTC of June 9. The system maintained its intensity till noon when it lay over Gulf of Kutch port. Thence onwards it moved north -east wards and weakened gradually. Total lives lost 1173 and 1774 persons were missing. Losses incurred due to storm were of the tune of Rs.1865 crores.
11. May 16-22, 1999 Crossed Pakistan coast to International Border in the afternoon of May 20. The system caused severe damage in Kutch and Jamnagar districts. Loss of life:453: Loss of property : Rs. 80 crores. Partial damage: 5153. In Rajasthan loss of life is one. Cattle heads perished :5104. Houses completely damaged: 50. Partially damaged: 5153

N.B= Only severe cyclonic storms and above its intensity have been taken into account. No severe cyclonic storms were reported in the Arabian sea during the period 1970 to 1999