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About Cyclone Warning Division

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Damage Potential of Tropical Cyclone
Cyclone Hazard Prone Districts
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Names Of Tropical Cyclones Over North Indian Ocean
Terminology on Cyclonic disturbances over the North Indian Ocean

Tropical Cyclone Programme Report No. TCP-21(2010  |  2011|  2012)
Report on Cyclonic Disturbances over North Indian Ocean
Annual Cyclone Review
Preliminary Report  (2013)
NWP Report  (2013 )

Best Tracks Data (1990-2012)
Cyclone E-Atlas IMD

Cyclone Web-Atlas of IMD
Frequency of Cyclonic Disturbances over North Indian Ocean


Second WMO International Conference on Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change, 14 - 17 February 2012, New Delhi - India

Outcome of IOTCCC-2012



National Bulletin
R S M C Bulletin
T C A C Bulletin
Observed & Forecast Track
Cyclone Wind Forecast
Storm Surge Prediction Model
Latest Satellite Imagery of Cyclone(IR)
Latest Satellite Imagery of Cyclone(Vis)
NWP Guidance
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