The Hydromet Division at New Delhi was established in 1971 for providing the necessary technical and operational support to various Central / State Govt. Organizations and other agencies in the field of Hydrometeorology like Rainfall monitoring, Flood Forecasting, Design Storm studies,Storm Analysis and Glaciological Studies etc.

            The main activities of this division include continuous built up of rainfall statistics at various temporal and spatial scales, hydro-meteorological studies for different river catchment with a view to estimate Standard Project Storm (SPS), probable Maximum precipitation (PMP), Time distribution of rainfall storm, Intensity-frequency Analysis of rainfall which is used by design engineers for construction of Dams, railways and road bridges, culverts etc. for different central and state organizations,Public Undertakings like National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), National Hydro-electric Power Corporation (NHPC) and Private Agencies.

            Meteorological support is provided to Central Water Commission for flood forecasting and flood control operations of the field units of Central Water Commission.

            The main unit are;

1) Rainfall Monitoring Unit

2) Design Storm Unit

3) Storm Analysis Unit

4) Glaciology Unit

5) Flood Met. Unit

6)  International Hydrological Programme

            In addition to these activities Division is implementing hydromet component of World Bank assisted Hydrology Project to improve Hydrological Information System in participating 13 states of the country.

            The Division maintains a model observatory, namely, Central Hydromet . Observatory (CHO) for the purpose of creating scientific awareness amongst school children in the field of Meteorology.

            Division is also providing advices to National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA), National Water Development Agency(NWDA), Brahmaputra Board, Dam Safety Organizations of Central Water Commission, National Institute of Hydrology(NIH) etc. and is participating in different national and international programmes as Asian Water Cycle Initiatives(AWCI), Monsoon Asian Hydro Atmospheric Scientific Research and Predictive Initiatives(MAHASRI), Asian Monsoon Year(AMY) organized by Tokyo University, US-AID Project of Ministry of Home Affairs as Nodal Agency etc. Division also provides inputs to Commission of Hydrology and Working Group of Hydrology (RA-II) of World Meteorological Organization. Division has brought out 13 hydromet monographs covering various aspects of Hydro-meteorology. Hydromet Manual is one of them elaborating Standard Practices of Hydromet Analysis. Division is actively engaged in Research and Development in the field of Hydro-meteorology has contributed many research papers. Division also publishes an annual report on Rainfall Statistics of the country.

            There is a Hydrology Section at Pune for rainfall registration and preparation of rainfall climatology of the country, established in 1946, and five small Hydromet Units at the five Regional Centres for organization and inspection of raingauge stations.



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