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  Meteorological Services for Agriculture in India  
In order to provide direct services to the farming community of the country an exclusive Division of Agricultural Meteorology was set up in 1932 under the umbrella of India Meteorological Department (IMD) at Pune with the objective to minimize the impact of adverse weather on crops and to make use of favourable weather to boost agricultural production.

Services of the Division are :
  • Gramin Krishi Mausam Seva
  • Dissemination of Agromet Advisories
  • Feedback & Awareness of Agromet Service
  • Training Programme to AMFUs

The prime object of Agricultural Meteorology Division, India Meteorological Department(IMD), Pune is to minimize the impact of adverse weather on crops and to make use of crop-weather relationships to boost agricultural production. The Agricultural Meteorology Division was established at Pune and from its inception the Division supports and participates in multi-disciplinary activities in this field. It is also the centre for research programmes in agricultural meteorology and has field units in various parts of the country. Besides, forecasts and advisories for farmers are issued by IMD's Forecasting Offices located at different State capitals.

Click Here for the dedicated Website for Agrometeorological Service of IMD

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